I am George Salter, a.k.a. Modavador g on the mic for my Lord and Savior G.O.D.

I have this “Hook, Book, Look, Took, and Prayer” addiction that I just can’t shake. I found this picture that speaks to the heart of the matter. Check it out!

Picture This,

Blessed with the gift to be a lyricist.
That’s the Hook!

Express what lies beneath the surface lyrically.
I That’s the Look!

Convey what lies in line with God’s truth spiritually.
That’s the Book!

Apply what falls in line with godly precepts for living wholeheartedly.
That’s the Took!

Call on God’s wisdom and understanding from creation to eternity.
That’s the Prayer!


This is what I do. Join me on this poetic journey.

Stay connected for more rhymes to reasons pointing you to Scripture.