Poised to deliver a keynote address in a community fundraiser or ministry celebration setting, Modavador g captures the essence of the social gathering and highlights it for audiences large and small in a memorable way. The following are short clips from various Keynotes:
KHNM 2010 Banquet – The Salters
KHNM 2010 Banquet – Modavador g Testimony: Jars of Oil – Love Poured Out

Workshops & Seminars

A gifted cross-cultural communicator, life coach, and facilitator, Modavador g’s workshops and seminars connect, engage, and inspire.  As an author, conference speaker, and recording artist, Modavador’s inspirational presentations offers hope, encouragement, and practical tools  for living.

Ministry Re-Entry Specialist

As a committed social service professional with a passion to coach and mentor “at risk” youth and adults, Modavador g serves as a ministry re-entry specialist.  Trained in ministry re-entry to help returning citizens transitioning from jail /prison, Modavador g utilizes resources to connect, empower, and equip those in need to succeed.


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