Poetry in Motion

Picture This, God is On Time

“Orally, Modavador g presents Bible stories in a captivating manner using the beats and music of hip hop to attract an audience that might otherwise not give pause to the Scripture. Clearly written and spoken in contemporary style, he reaches for and captures his readers and listeners. This is a work not to be overlooked. Whether reading, listening or watching, you will not be disappointed.” Chaplain T.D. Eldridge, Polk Correctional Institution, Butner, NC

“In a nutshell, ‘Poetry in Motion’ is a rhyme about how George found his story in God’s story, from creation to eternity, from Genesis to Revelation. ‘Poetry in Motion’ shows that God is on time, all the time. God is motivating. God is telling a story. God is reaching, and God is reminding us that we all belong to Him. God does all of this on time, because God is good. And, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can come to know God, come to grow in God, and come to show God to others, by shining the love of Christ, in remembrance of what He did for us. And the foundation of it all is: prayer. ‘Poetry in Motion’ is Modavador’s personal testimony, shared for this with purpose: that the world might seek and know God. For in Him, we live, we move, we exist. This is how George found his story in God’s Story. I encourage you to come along on this poetic journey to find your story in God’s Story.” Ben Blobaum, Program Director, Inside-Out Connections, Park Ridge, IL

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